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Modern China

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29 August 2001


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Welcome to the Modern China web site.
This site is dedicated to showcasing China's beautiful, glorious 5000 year-old civilisation and her modern, cosmopolitan people.


WARNING: Images on this site may be graphic and disturbing. They are meant not to arouse prurient interests, but to document Chinese life today. Please exercise discretion in viewing this website.




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Very Graphic Images

Woman, 7 months pregnant, undergoing abortion
Very Graphic Images

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Very Graphic Images

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China Forces Abortion, Sterilisation on Tibetans new.gif (994 bytes)

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History of Cannibalism in China

Fetal Cannibalism in China

Chinese Execution Methods

Dog Meat Market in Xichang, China's "Space City." new.gif (994 bytes)
Very Graphic Images

The Cat Meat Trade in China new.gif (994 bytes)


Organisations Promoting Human Rights in China


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Christian Freedom International
CFI is an interdenominational human rights organization working for religious liberty worldwide.


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Democracy for China Fund, Inc.
DCF was established to promote democracy in China.



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Center for Religious Freedom, Freedom House
The Center for Religious Freedom is a self-sustaining division of Freedom House, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organisation dedicated to the promotion of democracy, human rights, and civil liberties worldwide.


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Human Rights in China
HRIC is an international non-governmental organization that monitors the implementation of international human rights standards in China and carries out human rights advocacy and education.


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Cardinal Kung Foundation
Cardinal Kung Foundation is an organisation that supports the Roman Catholic Church in China through increased prayers, financial support and other appropriate projects.


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Free Church for China
FCC was created as a voice for Christians suffering religious persecution under China's communist regime.


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Laogai Research Foundation
LRF is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting information about China's vast system of forced-labor camps.


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Dying Rooms Trust
The Dying Rooms Trust was established to work for the improvement of conditions and alleviate the suffering of the children in orphanages in the People's Republic of China.


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National Endowment for Democracy
NED is a private, nonprofit, bipartisan organization created in 1983 to help strengthen democratic institutions around the world.


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Free the Fathers
Free The Fathers works to free Catholic priests that are being held captive by the Chinese Government.



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Christian Solidarity Worldwide
CSW works for the religious liberty of persecuted Christians, and helps others suffering repression, children in need and victims of disaster throughout the world.


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International Christian Concern
ICC is an interdenominational human rights organisation for religious freedom and for assisting Christians who are victims of persecution and discrimination.


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Voice of Martyrs
The Voice of the Martyrs is an evangelical, non-denominational mission committed to serving the Persecuted Church worldwide.



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